Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee was set up in 2017 at the request of National Highways (then known as Highways England) in the context of their A303 Stonehenge: Amesbury to Berwick Down road scheme where it relates to the World Heritage Site (WHS) and its Outstanding Universal Value (OUV), to provide advice in relation to historic environment impacts as the project proceeds through its design, assessment, mitigation and construction stages.

Its membership comprises recognised, leading, independent experts on specific aspects of the landscape of the Stonehenge WHS who can provide additional advice and make a positive contribution to the development of the project. They are all subject matter or period specialists with a specific skill set or depth of experience in aspects of the historic environment of the WHS. The Committee is chaired by Sir Barry Cunliffe and works to an agreed Terms of Reference which will enable it to fulfil the role.

The Committee has the task of advising and guiding the development and delivery of the project in a way that ensures the historic environment dimensions of the project are clearly and consistently assessed and managed for the protection of the OUV of the WHS, and of the historic environment in general within the WHS. It will also ensure excellence in the design and provision of archaeological assessment, evaluation, mitigation and fieldwork.

This website has been set up in order to share the work that the Committee is undertaking and to make archaeological reports and other documents available to the public. There is a Members only area to allow some documents to be shared amongst the Committee for discussion and comment before they are finalised and made available to the public.